Amy & Larry Kaplan April 13, 2016

For many couples and families, the first time you see a tradition different than your own can be a shock. Amy and her husband, Larry, share how one of Amy’s family’s Passover rituals was a surprise for Larry and how it still plays out in their family Seder every year.

Amy:  Growing up, you never think of your own family’s Passover rituals as something unique.  But then, that first Passover as a married couple occurred. I realized that something I had always assumed to be part of the traditional Passover meal, was actually somewhat of a Passover anomaly.

Larry:  My first Passover Seder at Amy’s parents’ house in Denver many years ago began quite normally. The Haggadah was familiar and the Seder plate was on the table in the usual spot. The portion of the Seder leading up to the meal went off without a hitch and the meal began. Out of the kitchen came….

Amy:  One of my favorite Passover foods: sliced hard-boiled eggs in a “soup” of salt water. I had never given it a second thought until my husband joined us for Seder.

Larry:  I am sitting at the table having a nice chat with Amy’s sister-in-law, and suddenly a glass bowl filled with murky, grayish water is placed in front of me.  I glance hesitantly inside this mystery dish and see floating around the gloomy liquid, slices of hard-boiled egg.  Placing a spoon into the mixture instantly dislodges the yellow yokes, which begin to come apart and float away, increasing the cloudiness of the salty water… I pick up a spoon and take a bite… yuck!

Amy:  Fast forward eleven years, and we now have two children of our own.  I am keeping the tradition alive by continuing to serve the egg in salt-water soup as part of our Seder meal.  While their father will only eat the egg dry, the kids love my family’s tradition – salt-water soup included!

What Passover “traditions” have you encountered as an adult that you found surprising?

Amy and Larry Kaplan

Amy and Larry Kaplan have been married for 11 years and have two wonderful children.  Amy grew up in Denver and is a Registered Dietitian and Lactation Counselor.  Larry is a New Jersey native and works in commercial real estate.  When they aren’t bickering about how to eat eggs during Passover seder, they enjoy hiking, yoga (Amy), running (Larry), and going on adventures with their kids.