Waiting for the first snow of the year, November 11, is like raising kids.

Morning is here and it is light!
What’s the weather today?
Time for a sweater or boots from the box?
No need for a coat.  Enjoy the sun.
Waiting to see day by day, but not so anxious.
Welcome baby, its time to discover the world.
Appreciate each smile, brings joy to my soul.
From smile to laugh and love more and more.
When will you start to crawl and to walk?
To move on your own, to read from a book?
It is a balance, like so many areas of life.
We enjoy the journey and the cycle of the year.
Yet we live for each moment and the feeling it brings.
It is a lesson of life to remember always, the weather is just another reminder.
Be present, be there for the people you love,
and teach them to do the same for the ones to come.

Sara Wolfe is the new Young Professionals Division Director for The Jewish Experience. She recently moved to Denver with her husband, Rabbi Danny Wolfe, and their four children.