Isn’t it amazing how much your life changes when you have children?

Your nighttime activities, which may have once been late nights at bars with friends, are now filled with nighttime feedings and diaper changes. You once did things on a whim, but now you’re stuck to a strict schedule based on naps or bedtime. Your date nights went from a romantic night on the town to an hour getaway… to the grocery store.

To help you along this adventure, has developed The Blog. From the moment you decided to have children, people have been offering their own advice to you about how to raise your child, name your child, feed your child, etc. Through it all, you may have been overwhelmed.

That is where The Blog comes in. The Blog will share stories, recipes and Jewish learning with you in a way that is meaningful to you. The authors are all in the same place as you (living in Colorado, raising children and exploring the Jewish community) and many of them have stories which may resonate with you or cause you to think differently. The Blog is made with the intention of being parent-to-parent and reader driven. Rather than the advice being shoved at you, you are in control of the stories that speak to you and your family.

We hope you will enjoy the articles about their own experiences of navigating the High Holidays and will share them with your friends.